Friday, January 27, 2017

Life is a Juggling Act

Some days I feel like the woman in this picture... except I'm not that skinny, I don't garden and if that were me, the entire raw chicken would be falling and smacking me in the head. And to be quite honest... I wouldn't be smiling quite like her!! The juggling act that life has become is just straight up overwhelming some days.

This year has been full of juggling and I gotta say, there has been some falling and crashing along the way. It has been a week of thinking for me as I am thinking of days to come. Sometimes it is good to be in a place to just sit back and think...

Our baby girl is inching up on being 10 months old!! That makes me think about birthdays and how fast a year has flown by and where this year has taken us as a family. This year has MOVED US in every possible way... physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

When we found out that I was pregnant (already into the second trimester), we had to start making a lot of changes in our environment and in our family. In a very short amount of time we had to move to a new home, figure out how to get a new vehicle, get new things for a new baby, and make room in our home, our lives, and our hearts for this precious gift that was coming our way.

God blessed us by helping us find a home and a car in a pretty short amount of time. He even blessed us by helping us do that in the same school zone we were in so that our oldest could stay in the school he was already attending. People started blessing us with both new and used baby necessities and we had so many friends and family jump in and help us get it all together in time.

Now our little one has been with us inching up on a year. We are watching her grow in so many ways everyday. New teeth, new tricks, more hair, more sounds, and new clothes and shoes because she outgrows them faster than I can say "please stop growing so fast"!!

I have been moved at work within my building multiple times over the past year and am still not done moving yet. I have a permanent job with a floating desk!! Many other things that I just can't publicly blog about have happened this year as well... one change after another... one new direction and new journey after another... every day a new opportunity to trust God and His plan and purpose for our lives.

I have never ever been good at change. It is hard. It is uncomfortable. It is exhausting. This week as I have looked back over the last year... I have been incredibly thankful for the truth found in Hebrews 13:8.  "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever"!!

While everything around me might feel like a messed up, chicken falling, juggling act... There is one constant that I can always count on and I will always be thankful for, Jesus Christ... Friend, Comforter, Peace Maker, Rock.

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